Time to Reset


By Neal Glatt

Have you ever stopped to look at your weekly calendar and wondered, “How did all these things become my routine?”  It’s as if meetings, tasks, responsibilities, and obligations just fell into place over time without any idea of where they came from or why they’re there.  Of course, they’re usually important things, but rarely are they the most important things.  I’m changing everything with a reset, and here’s how you can too…

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When I say reset, what I mean is a total clean wipe of all my activities that have become routine.  I’m going to pretend that today is the first day of a job where nothing is established and everything is negotiable in terms of when, how, and who completes the tasks at hand.  The goal is to build a routine that will deliver the outcomes I most desire in life.

Good routines will, of course, lead to career success, but also to better-balanced well-being—socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The goal is to build a weekly calendar around the activities that will deliver on the total integration of work and life that I desire.

Why would I reset now?  Because I’ve been stressed with everything to get done in a limited amount of time for more than two weeks.  Great habits of sleep, exercise, nutrition, hydration, and socialization have started to slip for long enough that they are no longer habits.  A reset will restore the balance that helps me feel my best and perform at my best.

One of the ways to reset when we already have too much on our plates is to delegate at least half of my tasks.  This isn’t easy, but it is simple.  Tasks often aren't delegated because of a fear of performance by others and our own inflated egos.  But if you’ve hired well and been committed to a learning culture, then all that’s required to change the game is to muster more trust in teammates.  Problem solved.

I decided that it’s time to really trust my excellent colleagues and delegate additional tasks to them.  And they’re doing phenomenal work.  In fact, they are completing tasks faster than I can right now, with more care than I can give right now.  My only regret is not having more trust in them sooner, because I already feel the burden being lifted from my shoulders.

If the spring rush has got you feeling run down, I encourage you to reset and delegate.  If your team needs training, GrowTheBench is here to help.  Whether in sales, management, finance, equipment management, or operations, I encourage you to make your first item of delegation be having your team members watch the videos and learn the skills.  Then trust them to help you carry the load.  If you’re new to GrowTheBench, try it out for FREE for thirty days by visiting Trial.GrowTheBench.com.  It just may be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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