These are a Few of My Favorite (Podcasts)


By Grant Harrison

The popularity of podcasts is increasing[1]. Not only are more people listening to podcasts, but they’re listening to more podcasts. The beauty of podcasts is their accessibility. They’re free, they’re available through many different apps and programs, and you can listen anywhere at any time. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m driving or walking the dog. My family listens together when we’re on road trips. (And it’s a great alternative to screen time.)

Most podcasts put out new content on a regular basis, and I ’m usually anticipating the release of the newest episode. I love hearing interviews with successful business owners who are willing to share their struggles and victories. These are real-life stories of well-known people and businesses. I find I am encouraged in my work and I always take away some new knowledge or best practice suggestion. The podcasts provide links and additional content in the show notes regarding the topic being discussed.  With so many podcasts available, I thought I’d share my list of favorite business and leadership podcasts. If you find one you really like, be sure to subscribe to it so you don’t miss an episode. Most of them are about 30 minutes long, so the time commitment is minimal, but you won’t regret it!

Here’s my list of favorite business and/or leadership podcasts, with links to each.

1.       Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast –

2.       Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast –

3.       Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt –

4.       Read to Lead Podcast –

5.       This is Success (Business Insider) –

6.       The 7-Figure CEO Podcast –

7.       Master of Scale with Reid Hoffman –

8.       Open for Business –

9.       Fortune Unfiltered –

10.   How I Built This –

Happy listening!

[1] Edison Research, “The Infinite Dial Report, 2018”

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