The Secret to Super Growth


By Neal Glatt

Do you ever wonder why some businesses tend to grow extremely quickly and others stay relatively the same size over years or decades?  In my experience, there is one thing that every business which experiences “Super Growth” always does.  It doesn’t involve significant investments, unique knowledge, or even extreme talent.  In fact, anyone could be improving just as rapidly…

So what is the competitive advantage that transcends all types of organizations, industries, and circumstances?  Advancements in knowledge and learning.  In fact, according to, internal advancements in knowledge and learning contributes to 60% of an organization’s competitive advantage.  

What is amazing is not the fact that the organizations who continually learn are the best, but that so many companies refuse to learn.  Every week that a company decides it is too busy for its people to invest in learning, it jeopardizes its ability to stay in business.  

Choosing to simply work, instead of trying to grow, isn’t just maintaining the status quo.  Because of the rapidly evolving environment that all businesses live in, when things are done the same way as they always have been, the organization is actually falling dramatically behind.  

Fortunately, we’ve created so that you can invest as little as 15 minutes per week to learning that will allow your business to wildly grow.  In fact, we’ve created FREE COURSES you can utilize to get started.

The only question is:  are you willing to have the discipline and drive to start improving?  If so, schedule the time on your calendar right now and defend it as much as every other meeting on your calendar.  Protect your learning time and protect your business - there is simply no greater investment you can make.

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