The Most Wonderful Time of The Year


By Neal Glatt

The holiday season is considered by many to be the most wonderful time of the year.  I happen to agree, but for far different reasons than most people. Something magical happens each December that is a secret to my success…

While I love to get caught up in the joy and wonder of Christmas lights, cookies, decorations, gift giving, and family time, there is another aspect to the holiday season that I love. This time of year, everyone takes off some family time, and with variable weather patterns, many years provide just the right break for reflection and goal setting.  After fall cleanups and before the grind of winter is the perfect opportunity to take a step back.

Here’s how I evaluate each year to determine how I’m going to improve next year:

1. Finalize and review any metrics that are available (sales numbers, profitability, employee engagement, turnover, etc.)

2. Determine the key areas that need improvement (prospecting, operational efficiency, culture, recruiting, etc.)

3. Find a coach or resources to help learn more about these areas

The real key to this annual evaluation is to go deep and wide.  Every employee should evaluate their year, and every evaluation should be carefully and fully completed. No other time of year so universally allows this opportunity to reflect.

There’s nothing better than rolling into the new year with a solid plan for improvement. If you need help finding the right resources, GrowTheBench is here to help with estimating templates, peer groups, and courses for employee onboarding, leadership, management, and more!

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