Thankful for...


By Neal Glatt

This Thanksgiving, I’m particularly thankful for one thing that has helped my businesses more than anything.  Of all the success in sales, management, operations, strategic planning, and hiring, there is one common thread that enabled success for which I’m most grateful.  In fact, I’m convinced that we’d all have more success if we only had more of this one thing.  Of course, I’m talking about…

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The power of mentors, coaches, and teachers in business that cannot be understated. I’ve learned more from other people who personally invested in me for the long term than any other resource, tradeshow, product, or experience.  The only reason I have succeeded is because of their influence on my life.  For example:

Jason Case and Bill Carello at Case Snow Management taught me practically everything I know about snow removal operations, contract management, and business processes.  When I was only 22 years old, they believed in my potential and mentored me over my career.  I wouldn’t have this platform without the success they enabled.  They also paid for other coaches for me.

Kirk Armstrong of Armstrong Sales Coaching taught me how to sell and guided me as I mastered the techniques over my first years as a salesperson.  He helped me understand the critical role of goal-setting and consistency and helped ingrain the behaviors that allowed me to sell millions of dollars of work at record speed.

Leslie Boomer taught me the importance of focusing on my strengths and the ability to empower a team to succeed by understanding each person’s unique contribution.  Her coaching served as the foundation to grow those around me to the next level, and has become the basis for the coaching I am now able to provide to other business owners and managers, continuing a legacy of building great workplaces.

Katie Schwartz of Business Speech Improvement helped me learn how to communicate professionally and deliver powerful presentations.  I am routinely able to deliver keynotes, breakout sessions, and group coaching that is praised by attendees because of the speaking methods Katie developed in me.

Phil Harwood has provided wisdom and introductions to every key relationship in my career.  I’ve learned from him the power of networking and the skills needed to build a professional brand that enables success.  I couldn’t have asked for a better business partner over the last five years.

This Thanksgiving, I recognize that any success I”ve had is entirely dependent on the coaches I’ve had.  Some of them I’ve found and hired myself, others invested in me because they saw my potential.  But they have all had a significant impact.

If you need a coach, mentor, or trainer to help you get to the next level, I’d be happy to see who I can introduce you to.  My email is  My hope is that next year, you’ll be grateful for the success you’ve had as a result.

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