Staying Sharp


By Neal Glatt

There are an estimated 80,000 landscape companies in North America and every single one practices the same task. Some do it daily while others do it weekly, but every single company sinks time and money into…

Sharpening mower blades.  The reason is obvious - keeping blades sharp gets better performance in the field by both improving the final product and reducing the time it takes to complete the job.  Companies have developed a system for this ongoing task to make a habit of continual maintenance.

What confuses me is why so few companies take the same approach to development.  If we just invested a few minutes a day or an hour per week in employee development, the improvement in productivity and overall results would be massive.  

Of course, the market leaders have this one figured out - it’s why they’re the best.  They have developed their team to achieve their potential in ways that most companies never do.  It isn’t magic - it’s discipline.

To be fair, it used to be that continuing education required proprietary knowledge and big budgets.  One of the reasons we started GrowTheBench was to level the playing field. Affordable, continuous education delivered anywhere you have an internet connection is a game changer for the sole proprietor.  

But it only works when you invest the time.  Not a lot of time, but dedicated and habitual time.  If you’re too busy to improve, then you never will. It’s why you make time every week to sharpen mower blades - you know you have to.  When will you make the time for growth?

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.  It’s your move. Get started on a new course today.

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