Spring Sales Forecast


By Neal Glatt

Have you noticed a slump in sales recently?  Or have you been too busy to notice that demand for many green industry services is starting to decline?  The pandemic-era boost from people stuck at home with stimulus money is giving way to recessionary budget cuts and it could lead to a big slump in sales for many companies.  Here’s how to bust through a sales slump….

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It’s time to redefine your sales process and target market.  This should always be an annual exercise, but in 2024 so much has changed in the market that it can’t be ignored this year especially.  Having a crystal clear picture of the niche that will buy from our company, the reasons they will find oversized value in our services, and the strategy to engage with and win over those specific customers is a must-have.

It’s also time to get a plan to level up sales tactics.  Getting quality referrals, personally and online, are now requirements for sales success.  The same is true for video selling and leveraging social media.  Those who sell must be proficient with the latest tools to engage with customers how they want to engage today.  New skills require new training and new tactics to succeed.

For some companies, it’s time to hire a new salesperson.  If someone is underperforming in sales (not bringing in at least 7x their annual salary in new sales) or a sales position is vacant, a proactive approach to replacing them is required.  As a company continues to work on increasing prices and retaining profit, new sales momentum is necessary to find new quality customers and overcome lower retention rates.

The good news is that we have solutions to help.  For one, we have plenty of courses here on GrowTheBench.com to help you specifically with selling.  Investing just 15 minutes regularly into the videos we’ve created can give you the edge you need to overcome daily sales hurdles.

If you want to really supercharge your snow sales, the Snowfighters Institute Forum for Sales is the two-day workshop you can’t miss this year.  One recent attendee increased their sales more than 70% after attending last year!  This year you can attend either May 22-23 in Milford, MA or August 14-15 in Novi, MI.  Whichever you choose, you’ll need to get your tickets early by clicking the links above for hands-on training in a small group setting.  

Lastly, you can inquire about the sales assessments, salesperson hiring services, and one-on-one sales coaching offered by Neal Glatt by emailing him at Neal@GrowTheBench.com.  These premium, dedicated services are the best way to radically transform your sales potential and succeed in the difficult sales environment that 2024 is shaping up to be for our industry.  No matter what you choose, you’ll be on the right path to beating the sales slump.

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