Something Unexpected


By Phil Harwood

Earlier in my career I was on a team with another person I had a difficult time working with. We came from different backgrounds, went to different colleges, and had very different personalities. We found ways to coexist but really didn’t like each other very much. And then something unexpected happened.

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The team was on a strategic planning retreat, led by our consultant. Prior to the retreat, our consultant asked us to participate in a personal assessment. We all took a 20-minute online assessment a week or so before the retreat, not knowing what to expect. 

At the retreat, our consultant led a discussion about these personality assessments, how to read them, and what they meant for us individually and as a team. Then, we each presented our assessment results to the team. And it was in that moment when everything changed. 

All of a sudden, I realized how valuable this teammate of mine was. His unique personality and skills were adding something to the team that only he could add. Similarly, he realized that I was adding something completely different to the team. We needed each other. The team needed us. Our relationship was never the same. 

Whereas his quirks used to bother me (saying it politely), I now saw his quirks as something valuable, not only with our team, but with many of our big customers who found his uniqueness to be endearing. 

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Now go forth.  

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