Snowfighters Boot Camp!


By Phil Harwood

Do you remember your first winter in the snow industry? Just think of everything you didn’t know. How could you? How much better would it have been if you could have been more prepared? What if there were a boot camp for snowfighters?

If you have someone on your team who is new to the snow industry, you will not want to miss Snowfighters Boot Camp! This is a two-week training program brought to you by the Snowfighters Institute. It was designed specifically for anyone who hasn’t been through their first winter yet. 

Snowfighters Boot Camp runs from September 1-15 completely online. 

The best part is that it is only $49 per company with up to 10 seats per company. That’s right, you can have 10 people attend for only $49. 

So, what’s included? We begin with an online live welcome session with Neal Glatt and myself, followed by a series of on-demand videos for the first week. Before moving into the second week, there is another online live session with Neal and myself to answer questions and review some of the important takeaways from week one. This is followed by another series of on-demand videos for the second week. We wrap up with a third online live session. 

Registration opens Monday, August 17. Attendance is limited to 100 companies. Don’t miss out! 

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