Selling Snow Services


It’s time to get serious about selling snow services for the upcoming winter season.  But if you’re like most contractors, that means driving to sites, measuring square footage, endless spreadsheets, and lots of guessing when it comes to estimating prices.  Here’s a better way to estimate that will save time while increasing your chances of winning the ideal snow contract.

Seventy-eight percent of contracts awarded go to the first contractor to respond.  In fact, I can’t tell you how many times in my career I was told that most of my competitors were too busy to respond with bids to even have a shot at winning.  If you’re too busy to respond, you definitely need a new process that is fast and scalable.

When I was estimating snow services, I relied on Google Maps and spreadsheets with lots of formulas.  It worked pretty well, but there were times when mistakes would be made.  Measuring big sites required lots of math and there was always room for error when entering numbers.  Sometimes the spreadsheet formulas would break and could take hours to fix.  The process was solid, but the tools left much to be desired.

If you have similar issues in your estimating, or you feel like no one else at your company can create estimates as well as you, it’s time to check out the new FREE tool at  We’ve partnered up with our friends at SiteFotos to create the perfect tool to help you respond quickly and accurately to any pricing request while creating a sustainable and scalable estimating process.

If you want a guided tour of how to use this tool to estimate snow and ice contracts, join us for a FREE webinar on Thursday, September 8 at 12:00p Eastern Time.  You’ll need to sign up here in advance, but I promise it will be the best 30 minutes you’ve spent to get your snow sales season back on track.

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