Resolve to Grow


By Neal Glatt

Next week, roughly 150+ million people will once again set a goal they aren’t likely to achieve as their New Year’s resolution.  Here’s what people who have found real success know about goals and growth…

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What I’ve learned is that “Goal Thinking” is never as good as “Growth Thinking.”  Discipline is a muscle to be developed like anything else, and just because you decide to do something doesn’t mean you will.  Unless you are in the habit of growing consistently, your resolution is likely to fail, like most do.  

Your potential is not an event, goal, or product.  It is a constant journey of discovery, growth, and insight.  Here’s the difference:

Goal Thinking focuses on the destination, while Growth Thinking focuses on the journey.

Goal Thinking can motivate people, but Growth Thinking will mature people.

Goal Thinking is seasonal, but Growth Thinking is lifelong.

Goal Thinking can challenge you, but Growth Thinking will change you.

Goal Thinking stops when the goal is achieved, while Growth Thinking keeps growing beyond the goal.

Goal Thinking waits for growth to come, but Growth Thinking takes responsibility to grow.

Goal Thinking only learns from mistakes, while Growth Thinking learns before mistakes.

Goal Thinking depends on good luck, but Growth Thinking relies on hard work.

Here at GrowTheBench, we’re committed to Growth Thinking to get to the next level.  That’s why we’re always challenging ourselves to make mistakes and learn through a consistent process.  In 2023, we’ve helped companies double their sales, hire key people, and break into new markets while boosting profit and retention.  All the while learning ourselves by attending college - the first time for Cassidy (Bachelor's), second time for Neal (Master’s), and third time for Phil (Doctorate)!

If you’re ready to really achieve your potential, I recommend you check out the courses here on GrowTheBench - I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  And if you don’t have access yet, use the code Resolve by the end of January for a free month of All-Access Pass when checking out.  Happy Growing!

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