Reevaluating Employee Onboarding for 2019


By Neal Glatt

New employees are frequently thrown into a new position in an industry they don’t fully understand without proper onboarding procedures. They’re offered minimal training with a brief overview or outdated orientation videos that don’t truly make a difference. This isn’t enough. Your onboarding process drastically affects your retention rate and employee success. Could you be using a better approach?

Onboarding, the orientation process in which employees learn about their new company at the start of employment, is a make-or-break connection opportunity that dramatically impacts retention.  In this critical time, companies need to build connections, welcome employees, express appreciation, and quickly develop a sense of mission and purpose. Unfortunately, only 12% of employees strongly agree their company does a great job of onboarding.

Most managers are performing poorly here because they don’t have enough time to properly onboard.  Hiring often takes longer than we hope and new employees are immediately expected to begin producing.  But proper onboarding should include not just administrative, company-specific items, but also a general orientation to the work being done, the industry, career opportunities, and workplace dynamics.

GrowTheBench wants to help by freeing up your time to focus on your unique company and relationship building aspects of onboarding.  So we developed a new onboarding course available to help with the process by educating new hires about the industry, where they may excel, and resources for them to utilize.  Click here to learn more!


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