Ready, Set, Fail


By Phil Harwood

For employers, it’s never been more important for newly-hired people to be successful since failure equates to starting over in a very tough recruiting environment. Yet, many employers continue to struggle with retention. A big part of this has to do with a lack of clarity surrounding the employee’s roles, tasks, and goals. 

It should be no surprise that if the path toward success is unclear, failure is more likely of an outcome. In fact, hiring someone before there is clarity about the person’s role(s), tasks, and goals is almost like planning to fail. The odds of success are slim. 

I believe that employers have good intentions. They are hopeful that the new person will work out and remain a key part of their company for the long haul. They know that there is a lack of clarity, but assume that the new person will figure it out. This approach may have been acceptable in the past but not today. 

To help facilitate clarifying roles, tasks, and goals, we have recorded three course modules as part of our Professional Fundamentals course. These instructive modules will walk you and your new person through a process of discovery that will result in providing the clarity that you both want and need. The Professional Foundations course is available as part of our All-Access subscription. 

If you’re not yet a subscriber and would like a free 30-day trial subscription, please email me at and I’ll get you hooked up. 

Now go forth.

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