Overcoming the Unemployment Benefit Challenge


By Joy Diaz

I spoke to an owner/client today who took the PPP loan and is getting pushback, grumbling, and anger from his team who feel they could have made more money on unemployment then continuing being paid from the company. With the additional $600 the Federal government kicked in on top of the average unemployment, it's over $1000 a week to stay home in some areas of the country. How should he respond?

This owner was so relieved to have the PPP loan, the negative response from his team for saving the company and their jobs surprised him.

As I concentrated on the owner's valid frustrations, I encouraged him to, in turn, listen with compassion to his team. This situation is not fair to anyone and needs to be handled gracefully. Allowing his team to safely vent their feelings, worries and fears, and covering them with grace, will be remembered long after this current crisis is over.

Next, I encouraged him to clearly communicate with his team, sharing the reasons behind his decisions. Gently explaining that collecting unemployment is only a short-term bandaid. A healthy company driven by an excellent team is the only way to long-term success. Point the team to the path they are on, encourage them to succeed. Remind each person how they are responsible and integrally crucial to turning the wheels of success.  Success for them personally, their company, for their community and our great nation. 

This season, the crisis is called "The COVID 19," but if you work from a place of personal and professional integrity, you have the calmness, confidence and faith to know and trust everything will be ok. Just like every season past. #NoFear

Warm Regards,

Joyanna “Joy” Diaz

About Joy:

Joyanna Grinnell-Diaz is a consultant, author, and executive whose stores of energy seem endless at times. She is also a survivor and a woman of tremendous faith. Valuing serving others above all else, she turns to her quiet time for frequent solace and inspiration. Her favorite day of the week is Monday, and her least favorite day of the week is Friday. She is decidedly unique, and in her writing and consulting, her uniqueness shines through. A graduate of UNLV, she has just published her first book with book two coming soon. She resides in a warm house, with a loving family and a dog named Charlie.



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