Operational Excellence


By:  Phil Harwood

“I can’t sell more work because I don’t have the capacity to get it done.”

This lament has been spoken by more than one business owner recently. One of the keys to solving this dilemma is operational excellence. Let me explain. 

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One of the most important benefits of operational excellence today is that it results in higher levels of employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. This is because people like to work where things make sense, things are well-organized, everyone is working together, and everyone is committed to excellence. 

Operational excellence may seem unattainable in today’s environment, but I can reassure you that it is absolutely attainable. However, it requires an understanding of its elements and a roadmap for implementing those elements. 

Operational excellence requires a commitment from ownership to invest in people and processes, taking into account cultural realities and emerging best practices. 

If you are interested in operational excellence, you will not want to miss our upcoming two-day workshop, July 20-21. This workshop is being held at the SnowEx factory in Madison Heights, Michigan. Registration is open at SnowfightersInstitute.com

This workshop - Grounds and Institutional Snow Management - addresses operational excellence from the perspective of a snow & ice management professional but the concepts are applicable to any service business. 

For snow pros, we also are offering a one-day workshop on liquid deicing, in conjunction with the product experts at SnowEx. Registration is now open at SnowfightersInstitute.com.

Are you serious about addressing the labor shortage? Have you considered how operational excellence is a key part of the solution? 

Hope to see you in July! 

Now go forth. 

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