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We all know that labor is hard to find right now, and even the positions that are filled have increased responsibilities. Interns have always been known for being a source of labor, and in today’s job market, they can be more useful than ever. With positions hurting to be filled, college students are a means to fill positions and give the student a real-world experience in the fields they are preparing for. Whether it is just communicating with customers or managing a schedule, delegating simple tasks to an intern can help lighten the load for you or your employees and increase productivity.

Task delegation has always been a beneficial time management strategy that is often avoided. Many feel having to teach someone a skill for something you already do takes too much time from your schedule - time that you could be using to accomplish this task in the first place. As frustrating or inconvenient this initial training may be, in the long run, you save time by no longer having to do the task, and you also give the intern the gift of learning real-world skills. Now, you have more flexibility to accomplish bigger tasks. 

What do students look for when applying for internships?

Career focused positions
Interns want the most experience in the shortest amount of time. Ideally, they would like to finish their internship well-rounded in their field and have a sense of the different responsibilities that will prepare them for their career of choice. 

Flexible work schedule
An intern’s school and activity schedule is a busy one. Their schedule limits the number of hours and times they are available to work per week. Highlighting that your workplace promotes flexibility will grab the attention of potential job candidates. 

Networking opportunities
Students are consistently told that it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Introducing and allowing your intern to create relationships with vendors or customers helps set them up for success in their future. 

Future employment opportunities
Often, the intern is a great future hire. When they graduate, they are a source for a potential employee who is already trained and knowledgeable about the company’s culture.

In today’s economy, internships are a win-win for you and the intern.

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