My Secret to Success


By Neal Glatt

Last month at the SIMA Symposium, I was asked to present in their “Life and Leadership Series” about my accomplishments growing Case Snow to a $42+ Million business in 7 years, retiring and traveling the world for two months, and starting two business at the same time.  I was honored, but then began to reflect on what my real secret to success actually is.  Here’s what I discovered…

Everything amazing I’ve ever accomplished happened through tremendous hard work requiring unwavering motivation and demanding sacrifice.  And while I could have spoken about the critical role mentors have played, or a constant learning attitude, or even the ten qualities that entrepreneurs need to build business, I realized the most importantly none of these accomplishments happened by accident.

Take for instance my experience running the 2018 and 2019 Boston Marathons.  I dedicated myself to working out five days per week and waking up every Saturday to drive 45 minutes to a group run for five months.  As our runs grew in milage, it was not uncommon to spend more than 8 hours prepping, running, and recovering every weekend.  I was super intentional in my efforts because it benefited an amazing charity providing mentorship to youth in foster care.

But even intentional living can’t be done by accident.  It starts first with an intentional dream, so that is what I taught at Symposium with my time.  The response I got was so amazing from attendees, that I immediately flew home and recorded the presentation for everyone on GrowTheBench.  So, check out our brand new, completely free course "Dreaming Big” in which I teach the step by step questions I answer when chasing my dreams.  I hope you enjoy and start to unlock the success you seek in your life!

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