My Biggest Regret


By Neal Glatt

When I reflect back on my career, there are certain aspects of it that I wish I had done differently.  I could have sold more contracts, I could have kept more customers, I could have increased profitability, and I could have made life easier for everyone.  On more than a few occasions I could have been a much better co-worker, team leader, and friend. But all of these regrets have one thing in common.

In each and every case, the reason I performed worse than I should have is because I didn’t take an opportunity to learn and grow.  Sometimes I was too busy to make the time to learn something.  Other times I was too cheap to invest in training.  Often I was too proud to admit that I could still learn and improve.

Once I realized that what was stopping me from the success I really wanted in business and life was myself, I started to make some changes.  I hired more coaches, read more books, attended more trainings, and diligently applied what I learned.  I had amazing help from co-workers, friends, and mentors that allowed me to grow beyond what I thought was possible.  And as a result, I promised myself I wouldn’t pass on opportunities to learn in the future.

Of course, it’s difficult to make the time to attend training events.  It’s frustrating to admit that I still don’t understand some things everyone else seems to understand.  It’s expensive and requires sacrifices to invest.  But I’m so satisfied with the outcome that I’ll continue to make the choice.

I don’t want you to regret missing the best opportunity coming up to improve yourself and your company.  But the time to act is now.  Registration is closing on Friday for our first two Snowfighters Institute events.  If you want to improve your snow business or your sales, it’s time to register yourself or your team by clicking the links below.

The Inner Circle is happening May 19-20 at Ventrac’s incredible facility in Orrville, OH.  We’ll be discussing every aspect of the snow industry with companies of every size from across the country.  Whether you’re looking to find and manage employees, grow your business, utilize subcontractors, train your people, develop systems, or something else, it will all be covered at this event.

The Forum for Sales takes place June 2-3 at SnowEx’s amazing factory in Madison Heights, MI.  If you are (or manage) salespeople or account managers, this event is non-negotiable.  Covering everything from securing long-term contracts, winning bigger customers, estimating more efficiently, diversifying revenue options, to simply improving your close ratio, this is the event for business growth.

Whichever event is best for you, don’t wait until it’s too late.  Space is extremely limited and these events will both sell out before the registration deadline.  Make the time, take the leap, and sign up right now before you regret missing another opportunity.

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