My 2,000+ Friends Are Onto Something


By Neal Glatt

Right now, I’m in Grand Rapids, MI with over 2,000 of my friends for the greatest show in snow at the SIMA Symposium! If you’re here, I hope to see you at our VIP party (read on for details)! If you didn’t make it to Symposium this year, here’s something to help you out too….

The number one factor candidates desire in selecting a job is growth and development opportunity. Before I joined the team at Case Snow to build one of the largest snow and ice management companies in North America, I left another firm. The deciding factor is when I was told to take my own vacation time and pay my own way to attend the SIMA Symposium that year. I, like my roughly 75 million fellow millennials, decided that if my potential wasn’t going to be invested in by my boss, I was going to find one who would.

But this show isn’t about spending money on people. It’s no coincidence that all the best snow and ice companies are here - it’s the companies which invest in education that become the best. And since you’re reading this, I believe that you also want to become the best.

So here’s my gift to help you. We offer all SIMA members a free month of access to everything on and you can join in by clicking here.  And if you are already learning on the platform and you are at the Symposium, be sure to email me for details on our VIP party at because we want to celebrate your success!

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