It’s Here!


By Phil Harwood

Yes, it’s here. It’s something you and I are both involved in. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to get it going in full force. This week is a warm-up period and a chance to build momentum. By Monday, I’ll be at full speed and there will be no stopping me. How about you? 

“A new year brings excitement, energy, and anticipation for what’s to come.” I truly believe these words. But, do you?

Some people stumble into the new year as if nothing has changed. Maybe they do so because nothing has changed. 

For me, what has changed is that I have some big goals for 2022 that will impact me professionally, relationally, and personally. I’m fired up! 

So, let’s talk about goals. There are so many different ways to approach goals. If you’re like me, you’ve tried a bunch of different strategies. But, one thing is true. It’s better to have some clear goals than not to. 

Neal Glatt recently recorded a brand new course for called Goal Setting. This course is a goldmine of information to help you set your goals for 2022 and beyond. If you’re not a subscriber and you’d like to have a no-obligation free trial of, shoot me an email ( and I’ll hook you up. 

The new year is here but it’s not too late to set your goals for 2022. Now is the time to do so. 

Now go forth.

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