Is Sales Fun Enough For You?


By Neal Glatt

This week I got a call from a salesperson I have been coaching: “Neal, I wanted to talk through a call I just had with a prospect.  I did what you said, didn’t say some things I would have said before your training, and it worked!  Not only that, the call was actually fun!”  If you don’t find sales fun enough, here’s what you need to change.

Sales is a grind when you don’t know what to do.  Worse yet, if you don’t have a sales system, then it’s impossible to even know what is or isn’t working.  Consistency is the key to success because it allows you to evaluate which actions are working and which need improvement.  If you’re missing a system, or not sure if your system is good enough, check out my free course Introduction to Sales.

Staying organized with a quality CRM is also key to managing the system.  As soon as sales efforts increase beyond even a handful of prospects, using spreadsheets, emails, post-it notes, or notebooks becomes useless.  Choosing and setting up a CRM is a difficult task, but fortunately we have a course on CRM Software, including free platforms, to help guide you.

Even if you have a sales system and CRM in place, sales techniques and skills always need improvement.  Whether attempting to get past more gatekeepers, generate more leads, or overcoming objections, there are advanced tactics that separate great salespeople from mediocre salespeople.  My course Advanced Sales Techniques is here to help you reach the top of your game.

But maybe you need one-on-one coaching--someone to role play scenarios, help you find the exact script that works for you personally, or to get encouragement for everyday successes.  If so, you should consider our Premium Access Pass which includes not only all the courses on our site for up to 10 people from your company, but also monthly live coaching to tackle your biggest challenges.

No matter how you decide to level up your sales, now is the time to get started.  Contractors keep telling me that people are picking up the phones and they are poised to have their best seasons ever.  Are you ready to start having that much fun in sales?

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