"If You Ain’t First, You’re Last"


By Neal Glatt

Life today is so fast paced that just “keeping up” feels like a constant grind.  Increased pressures, more connected technology, and a strong economy have effectively trapped us on a hamster wheel with no time remaining except for the highest priority essentials. Fortunately, NASCAR has the solution…

This past weekend, 40 drivers set out at Talladega Speedway to race 500 miles as quickly as possible. Equipped with vehicles that have top speeds of over 200 mph, these professional drivers know something about going very, very fast. And what they demonstrated at each and every turn is a very important lesson for business owners who feel the need for speed.

Professionals know to slow down in order to speed up. They have seen those drivers who attempt to go too fast slide off the track and into the wall. Sometimes people are seriously hurt or even killed. Going too fast is dangerous, but slowing down enables victory.

Here’s what I know from my experience growing companies at extreme speed: any time I slowed down to learn something new, I started to realize benefits faster. We are all limited by time, but when we invest in ourselves, we can increase efficiency - it’s so effective, it’s amazing more people never bother. They’re too focused on the finish line to think there’s a better way to get there.  

But you’re not that dumb. You’re smart enough to see the benefit of pausing, even if it’s only for 30 minutes a week, to supercharge your engine and beat the competition. That’s why you read this post, and that’s why, if you really want to win, you’ll slow down just enough this week to check out a course that you know will help you realize real benefits in your business. Enjoy the sweet taste of victory!

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