How to Motivate Anyone to Do Anything


The number one question I get asked by managers these days is how to motivate people to put in the time and effort to get great results.  While the specifics vary from person to person, the answer is always a single word.  Motivating anyone to do anything is always about...
Purpose.  When we can determine a true thing that people really want in life, or their purpose, it can motivate them to do the extraordinary.  And while someone's purpose may change throughout their life, or even throughout a year, it will always be the catalyst for going above and beyond.
I recently joined Phil on the Snowfighters Institute podcast (check it out here) to talk about where the snow industry is headed in the wake of COVID.  I also discussed my running the Chicago Marathon in October.
Here's the thing: I'm no runner.  Even though I've completed two Boston Marathons, I have practically no natural talent for running.  When I first met my running coach, I weighed 348 pounds and had never run a mile in my life.  But I had a purpose that drove me to endure every challenge.
Now I'm running the 2021 Chicago Marathon with Team World Vision to raise money and provide clean water in developing nations around the world.  It's a critical purpose for me because 1,000 children under the age of 5 die every day from illness related to lack of clean drinking water.  And it's a problem we can solve in our lifetime.
In fact, just $50 is enough to save the life of a child.  And if people like you will help me through donations, I'll keep putting in the effort to run hundreds of miles in training to save lives together.  My purpose compels me to perform.  You can learn more and donate here.  Dozens of clients, colleagues, and friends have already donated, and the legacy that we’re building together is literally saving lives and doing good in the world.
To help your people perform, ask them what is important to them.  Is it financial security?  A new home?  A vacation?  Time with family?  A college fund?  Healthcare?  A sense of community?  Mastery of their skills?  Ability to help others?  Desire to learn?
Whatever they tell you their purpose is, the leader's job is to help make it relevant to the job.  Help them see why doing great work will help them realize their dreams.  And then watch them work.  It may sound daunting to connect the dots, but if running can save lives around the world, any purpose can be meaningful motivation for work.  

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