How You Doin’?


By Phil Harwood

I get this question a lot these days, closely followed by, “What are you doing?” There is a very real need to find out what everyone else is up to in the situations that have developed so unexpectedly. So, I sat down and made a short list of what I’m focusing on during this time. I’m calling it, “The Big 3 Plus 3.” Let me explain.

Living with intention and purpose requires an understanding of what’s important, where to focus attention, and how to make decisions that promote the outcomes we care about. The crisis we are all living through calls for some introspection about how we are going to function going forward. I hope that my example will inspire you to take some time to consider your personal response. 

From a professional standpoint and as a leader, there are three areas I’m focused on: 

  1. Connection. Bringing people together has never been more important. 
  2. Transparency. Clearly stating what is known, not known, and what the plan is. 
  3. Vulnerability. Acknowledging weakness and fear in appropriate conversations.

From a personal perspective, there are also three areas of focus: 

  1. Generosity. Caring for others every day in my words and in my actions.
  2. Prayer. The needs are abundantly clear. There is power in prayer. 
  3. Self-Care. Staying healthy in all the ways I already know about. 

Which three are the “Big 3” and which are the “Plus 3?” Great question. It depends on the situation. All are important. Sometimes all are important at the same time. 

How about you? How you doin’? What are you doing? What are you focused on during this time? It’s worth consideration. 

Now go forth. 

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