How Ready Are You to Exit Your Business?


By Phil Harwood

Business owners inevitably ask themselves this question. But it’s a tough question to answer without some guidance. Luckily, there is a free eight-minute assessment that will help you answer this question. Click here to take the Personal Readiness to Exit Score (PRE-Score) assessment.

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One of the more rewarding things I get to do is help business owners exit their businesses. I handle this work through my consulting firm, Tamarisk Business Advisors LLC. The Personal Readiness to Exit Score (PRE-Score) assessment is a great place to start for several reasons. 

First, it is free. There is no obligation. Just take the assessment and your customized report will be emailed to you. If you’d like to discuss the report with me, I’m happy to take time to do so but it’s not required.   

Second, the report contains valuable information. Did you know that 75% of business owners actually regret exiting? Why is this? It’s because they were not ready to do so. They failed to consider the practical and emotional considerations. The PRE-Score assessment helps you consider your level of preparedness so that you can exit with no regrets when you’re ready. 

Third, the report provides insight into unseen factors that you may have overlooked. If not addressed, these factors may lead to regret and disappointment. By becoming aware of these considerations now, you will have time to address them. 

Finally, you will receive a bonus: a free e-book called The Exit Checklist. This book provides you with a five-step personal action plan to guide you along your journey of exiting your business. 

How is all of this free? Great question. Tamarisk Business Advisors has a mission to “Protect Your Legacy” and the PRE-Score assessment is just one of the ways we are fulfilling our mission. Our gift to you. 

Now go forth. 

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