How I Won in 2021


By Neal Glatt

2021 was a great year for me - I had record-breaking sales, ran the Chicago Marathon, started my MBA program, bought a house I love, had plenty of quality family time, and made significant progress helping others in a variety of ways.  I’m not here to brag about my year, but rather to teach you my number one secret to crushing goals so you can do the same in 2022.  Here’s where you need to focus…

It’s all about your calendar.  My secret to success is to schedule what I want to do each and every day and track it with a calendar.  More powerful than to-do lists, my calendars allow me to block my time on the tasks that help me achieve my goals.  I always complete what’s on my calendar or move tasks forward when I need to be flexible.  Most importantly, my calendars allow me to not be distracted by activities that are distractions because I am more defensive about giving up calendar space than anything else.

I’ve always used calendars for success, but in 2021 I discovered a new way to weaponize calendars for success.  I bought a big poster with a box for every day of the year to track my workouts.  Everyday receives a big “X” when a workout is completed and remains blank when I skip a day.  I worked to build a chain as long as I could and set a high score of 128 days in a row.  I see my chain every morning when I wake up and it gives me encouragement to continue forward.

If you want to do better in 2022, I recommend you look at your calendar right now.  What do you want to do?  Family dinners every week?  Attend a big sporting event?  Take a vacation?  Call someone important every two weeks?  Spend time volunteering monthly?  Weekly one-on-ones with employees or mentors?  Cold calling every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to increase sales?  Whatever you need to do for yourself and your business, create a recurring calendar item right now to take control of your year and your life.

If you want to improve your snow business, you may want to block off our Snowfighter’s Institute events on your calendar too.  All the dates are below, but registration will fill up quickly so make you also take the time to register on as well.  You can also learn about the full schedule for each event and see the cool locations we’ll be touring.  I promise you’ll be glad you planned ahead.

Inner Circle at Caterpillar Factory in Clayton, North Carolina on April 20-21
Inner Circle at Fisher Factory in Rockland, Maine on May 25-26
Forum for Sales at Ventrac Factory in Orrville, Ohio on June 14-15
Estimating Workshop at Ventrac Factory in Orrville, Ohio on June 16
Grounds & Institutional Snow Management at SnowEx Factory in Madison Heights, Michigan on July 20-21
Liquids Workshop at SnowEx Factory in Madison Heights, Michigan on July 22
Forum for Sales at Foley CAT in Piscataway, New Jersey on August 10-11

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