Hit the Ground Running


By Phil Harwood

Some of you will hit the ground running January 2, 2022. This is because you took time out this fall to plan your strategy and develop specific initiatives for next year. You’re ready to go. Everyone knows what to do. And now it’s just about execution. This blog is for the rest of you...

The reason companies don’t hit the ground running on January 2 of every year, like clockwork, is because they haven’t yet committed to an ongoing strategic planning process. Instead of having a defined system, planning is sporadic, hit or mess, and unreliable. Sometimes it happens but often does not. When it does happen, sometimes it’s really great but often it’s not. Unreliable planning produces unreliable results. There is a better way.

If you are interested in learning a better way, I highly recommend devoting one hour of your time to preview our new course entirely focused on strategic planning. This preview will open your eyes to an easy-to-follow system that you can adopt with your team. After previewing the course, we recommend working your way through each module with your team to discuss the steps for implementation to fit your unique situation.

This course is available right now as part of our all-access subscription and is only $97 per month for up to 10 participants. I’m not a rocket scientist, but I think that works out to $9.70 per person per month for awesome training. How great is that?

Now go forth. 

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