Grateful to Be On the DL


By Phil Harwood

I’m on the disabled list. Hopefully, it will be a short stay and I’ll be back in the lineup soon. My team is counting on me to get back into the game and it’s no fun being out of the action. Thankfully, the team I’m referring to is my “old man hockey” team, where my absence from the team is not consequential. At the same time, there are lessons to be learned while on the DL. For that, I’m grateful.  

First, I am reminded not to take my health for granted. I have been blessed with good health throughout my life so far. I’ve not had to struggle with deficiencies or pain like many others do. It’s easy to go from day to day and not reflect on the blessing of good health. Being on the DL brings a higher level of awareness in this area. For that, I’m grateful.

Second, I am reminded to take better care of myself. Being an active person gives me license to make less than healthy choices when it comes to what I consume and how I spend my time. Being on the DL means that I won’t be burning thousands of calories a day for awhile and I need to regulate my intake and be more diligent about stretching, etc. Getting back to basics while on the DL will allow me to form new habits that may continue when I’m off the DL. For that, I’m grateful.

Third, I am reminded that I need to rely on others for help. Instead of putting on the cape and trying to be Superman, it’s OK to ask for help. I am finding that I don’t need to change what I do but how I do things. I’m only limited if I allow my ego or stubbornness to prevent me from asking for help. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by some really great people who are more than willing to assist. For that, I’m grateful.

While I don’t wish for anyone to become injured, I am grateful for the lessons that being on the disabled list has brought.

What are you grateful for?

Now go forth.

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