Get Winter Ready FAST


By Neal Glatt

As the snow season rapidly approaches, the training of field employees always remains the biggest factor in whether a company is successful or underperforming. With the current labor shortage, it’s clear that many employees are going to be new to the snow industry.  Today’s great snow companies will be built on their ability to train anyone - here’s how…

Unfortunately, many teams simply feel too busy to train all of their people as well as they should.  They are still busy chasing contracts, creating snow response plans, or simply trying to hire more people.  Other managers are frustrated because they can’t deliver consistent education to employees who are seasonal or still working in the field finishing fall clean-ups or another service. 

Even those companies that do somehow manage the time, expense, and energy to create a season kick-off event for a majority of workers, discover the limitations of training their teams for only an hour or two.  They can focus on specifics of sites, processes, or communication for their company, but fail to have enough time to discuss the very basics of snow event types, an overview of equipment, how to personally prepare for snow operations, or any industry overview.

This problem affects junior workers the most because they often aren’t even sure that working in snow removal is a good solution for them.  They are also the most prone to make costly mistakes that could have been avoided, or to quit out of frustration. 

The key to affordably and efficiently delivering the education that employees need is to leverage technology.  By augmenting in-person training with on-demand videos, every employee can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and without distracting managers from the important work they’re doing every day.  

If your team needs help getting winter-ready with video training, consider the 2022 Snowfighters Virtual Bootcamp from November 7-18.  We have six on-demand training sessions that require only 15 minutes per day to complete. These sessions will cover all of the basics of the snow industry.  Plus, there will be four live webinars where individual questions can be asked and answered, and more training will occur.  The entire two-week program is available for sign-ups here for $75 per team of 10 employees.

In a year of rapid inflation, increasing labor costs, and overall uncertainty about the future, the only sure bet is that a consistent investment in training will unlock profitability in contractual work while preventing needless mistakes from occurring.  And while video technology allows snow companies to rapidly scale their impact, it is consistently underutilized in the industry.  Are you ready to take the leap?  Sign up today!

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