Extreme Growth: $0-$42 Million


By Neal Glatt

I spent most of my career working as part of the team that built Case Snow Management into the juggernaut of a company it is today.  Recently, Case was recognized as the 4th largest snow company in North America with revenues over $42 Million. Even more incredible, this company was started in just 2009.  Here’s what I learned about achieving supercharged growth in seven and a half years:

1.  Few Leaders Are Successful Unless a Lot of Other People Want Them to Be

We had a kick-ass team driving the company.  We knew our individual strengths and weaknesses, trusted one another fully, and worked diligently toward a united goal.  Having a variety of different personalities and expertise was an advantage we leveraged every day. And when we took big risks, we knew that every member of the team would work tirelessly to ensure we reaped the reward.  Nothing significant is achieved alone, and we greatly valued the people who contributed to make success possible.

2.  Experience is Not the Best Teacher

I was only 22 years old when I moved out to New England, and had spent almost my entire life growing up in Southern California never having even seen snow.  I never worried about the experience because I found the best help possible. Back then, I had to hire mentors in sales, management, and operations because nothing existed to learn online and at my own pace.  But by having someone guide me, even virtually, I was able to learn how to perform at the highest level without experience.

3.  Keep Learning to Keep Leading

When I started with Case, snow pushers and treated salt were cutting edge.  Now, they’re practically industry standard. Every year, we would relentlessly learn what was coming out in the industry.  Whether discussing equipment, processes, management skills, or sales technology, knowledge was our biggest competitive advantage.  To be the best, we learned the best.

When I left Case, I knew I wanted to help other people.  That’s why we started GrowTheBench. There’s much more that I learned in my career and I’ve recorded many lessons on our website already.  In fact, the three points you just read are all lessons taken directly from the course, Leadership Gold.  The way to improve is obvious.  The question is, will you put in the time to get what you want?

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