Ensuring Profitability in Snow


By Phil Harwood 

Profitability is always on the minds of snow professionals. For some, it’s a question of driving profitability up as high as possible to achieve the maximum potential. These owners challenge themselves each winter to exceed what was achieved last winter. For others, profitability is a question of survival. Either way, I have good news for you. 

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Here is the good news:  the Snow business IS profitable IF the right tools are in place.

There’s a common misconception in our industry that profitability in snow and ice depends simply on having a mix of different contract types. While this is one aspect of the profit equation, there is more to it than portfolio mix. Profitability also requires an understanding of the relationship between capital investments, equipment selection, site engineering, expense management, overhead recovery, and financial management. If all of this caused your eyes to glaze over. I have more good news for you. 

Here’s more good news:  we will be breaking all of this down and running through multiple scenarios at our upcoming Snowfighters Institute events this July and September.  
I am so excited to present this educational session on profitability because I know that there are many snow and ice contractors who will benefit from this knowledge. I hope you can make it. By implementing the tools provided at these two-day educational events, you will have effectively mitigated the risk inherent with a light (or heavy) winter. 

We may not have control over how much it snows but we do have control over our profit model. When all of the profit levers are in the right relationship, how much it snows becomes almost irrelevant. This may sound too good to be true, especially in a business that is focused on weather. But it is true. And I have even more good news for you.

Here’s even more good news:  registration is now open to these educational events for snowfighters:

Forum for Sales July 26-27 Rockland, ME - hosted by Fisher 
OPS Management September 6-7 Bensalem, PA - hosted by Caterpillar

I hope you would consider taking time out this summer, for the sake of your business, to learn how to be more profitable in snow and ice management. See you there.

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