Doing Good is Good Business


By Neal Glatt

As we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow and consider how blessed we truly are, many will start to consider how they can help others.  Next week famously brings Giving Tuesday where millions of people and companies take strides to raise awareness and give back to non-profits.  But what if we can do good in the course of our normal business activities?  Here’s how one company is setting the bar - and how you can help too…

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For decades, it was understood that business existed to make money and anything else that happened was secondary to that purpose.  This has drastically changed in the last 10 years however.  In fact, nearly 200 CEOs of major corporations - including Amazon, Caterpillar, Delta Air Lines, General Motors, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and countless others - signed a new corporate purpose statement committing to supporting the communities in which they work as a primary goal ahead of long-term shareholder value.

Our friends at Troy Clogg Landscape and Snow Associates (TCLA) asked how they could better help their community back in 2010 and launched Hot Pink Deicer as a result.  As a Top 100 Snowfighter, Troy knew that his deicer had to be more effective, non-corrosive, non-caking, non-tracking, and safe for pets and plants.  But he realized that by custom blending his own deicer, he could also make it hot pink to raise breast cancer awareness and use a portion of the proceeds from every bag sold to provide financial relief to families who experienced a breast cancer diagnosis.

The progress has been incredible.  Over the years, hundreds of snow contractors have utilized Hot Pink Deicer in their snow operations which has allowed financial support to dozens families.  But now, Hot Pink Deicer can be distributed across the US and Canada, which begs the question: If you’re going to be using salt anyway, why not use the one that gives back to your community?

If you’re ready to take a step and do good all winter with your business, it’s time to get some Hot Pink Deicer.  Simply check out their website at to learn more and start giving back by doing better business.

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