Control the Sale


By Neal Glatt

Tired of getting ghosted in sales?  That miserable feeling when a proposal goes unanswered, voicemails are ignored, and a name is stuck on a follow-up list can be completely avoided.  Here’s the remarkably simple way to control the sale…

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Never send a proposal until the next meeting is scheduled.  When a salesperson takes control by establishing the next steps of a process, they always stay in control.  This means they save time and frustration while increasing their sales and bottom line.

This is the time when the most pessimistic people ask what happens when the prospect cancels the established meeting.  For one, there are ways to make this the exception and not the rule.  Using calendar events, reminders, and creating solid relationships quickly in the sales process all help drive accountability.  But even then, one canceled meeting is better than many sales ghosts.

Of course, when someone does disappear, the most important thing for a salesperson to do is break up with them.  Sending one last message explaining that a salesperson is moving on and “closing the file” will either reignite the sales process or provide the closure needed to mark a deal as dead.

Sales is the thing that sustains every company, but the only way to sell more contracts for more profit is to take control of the sales process.  If you need help, check out all of the sales courses linked here to get your sales to the next level.

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