Behind the Big Announcement


By Phil Harwood

The big announcement last week was that GrowTheBench acquired Snowfighters Institute. The press release contained all of the key details (click here to see full press release). Here is the rest of the story… and a very special offer.

One of the most valuable aspects of attending an industry conference is getting to know other people from outside your local area (non-competitors) who are facing the same challenges you face. This is why “snack and chat” sessions at SIMA Symposium and “breakfast with champions” sessions at LANDSCAPES (GIE+Expo) are sold out every year. This is the reason why networking receptions, dinners, and after-hour gatherings are so memorable. This is where peer-to-peer learning happens and where lifelong relationships begin. 

If you haven’t attended a Snowfighters Institute event yet, picture a 2-day “snack and chat” combined with leading-edge education. Attendees are engaged in large group discussions, break-out groups, and personal reflection in a workshop format. Ground-breaking ideas are captured to promote follow-through after the event.  

Snow pros from all parts of our industry attend Snowfighters events. In fact, many of the largest companies in the industry are Snowfighters alumni. Our events are open to everyone, regardless of size. Sometimes the best questions and insights are brought by the newest or smallest company in the room. Everyone has something valuable to give and everyone has something to gain. That’s what makes a Snowfighters event so powerful. 
At the completion of each event, every attendee receives a handsome, framed plaque to commemorate their participation. Attending a Snowfighters event really IS a big deal and it should be celebrated as such! 

Because Snowfighters alumni are so valued, we provide them with a significant discount to attend future events. Once you attend your first Snowfighters event, you will be able to take advantage of this exclusive offer. 

The full Snowfighters event lineup may be found at Our first event is The Inner Circle, April 30 - May 1 in the Chicago, IL area. See the website for details. 

As a member of our community, we are pleased to provide you with a very special offer.  If you’ve never attended a Snowfighters event, you can enjoy $100 off your first-time registration with coupon code GTBOffer at checkout on  And, if you have attended before, you’ll see Alumni pricing which saves you over $300 per event and $500 off the Inner Circle - no coupon code required!  This offer is only good until Tuesday, March 31 and space is limited so register today!

Now go forth.

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