Are You Serious?


By Phil Harwood

Throughout my career, I have always been serious about continuing education, professional development, training, etc. In fact, I believe it has been one of the most influential aspects of my career. Investing in yourself is something that nobody can ever take away from you. It follows you throughout your career. It makes you more valuable, opens doors, and broadens your horizons. 

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We hear of companies that refuse to invest in their people out of fear that they will leave the company. How sad. Intentionally holding someone back to limit their value and exposure to others in the industry is really messed up. Just the opposite is true. When people are being developed professionally, they are more likely to remain engaged, not less likely. It’s when people feel stifled that they start looking for other opportunities. 

So, back to you. How serious are you? If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the next thing that will separate you from the pack. So what’s on your radar? 

For me, I’m finishing up a law degree. I will graduate next year with a Juris Doctor degree and will sit for the Michigan Bar Exam shortly afterward. But, I’m already looking beyond that to earning two other certificates: a Harvard Business School Mastery of Negotiation certificate and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor certificate. All of this will consume me through the end of 2025.

What about you? How serious are you? 

For snow pros, we created the Snowfighters Institute for this purpose:  to provide next-level professional development, networking, and training.

In two weeks, I’ll be just north of Philadelphia for our next Snowfighters Institute event. This is a two-day in-person OPS Management event, sponsored by Caterpillar. Registration is still open for this event.

If you haven’t attended a Snowfighters Institute event in the last two years, I highly recommend checking out what we have to offer.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Below are some highlights. 

Topics covered:

  • Event planning and management of pre-storm, during storm, and post-storm
  • Mock storm training simulation led by Levi Jett
  • Operational metrics to drive accountability and profit
  • Equipment management and selection
  • Weather impacts presented by Weatherworks
  • Recruiting and retention of seasonal employees
  • Special operations 
  • Tour of Foley CAT's internal operations 
  • Hot topics

Who should attend:

  • Anyone involved in operations, especially in a supervisory capacity
  • Newer operations managers
  • Seasoned operations managers (never too old to learn)
  • Owners

Why attend:

  • Highest value educational experience in our industry
  • Outstanding networking with attendees, sponsors, and presenters
  • Great food 
  • Handsome wall plaque to commemorate your involvement
  • Automatic enrollment in SFI Alumni Club for future event discounts

Where to stay:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Bensalem, PA (our meetings will be here also) 

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