A Few of My Favorite GIE+Expo (Landscapes 2018) Highlights


By Grant Harrison

I have just returned from the Green Industry & Equipment Expo (Landscapes 2018) in Louisville, Kentucky. It was my fifth year attending this conference. As expected, it was a busy week, but definitely worth the time. Here’s why:

  • Breakfast with Champions - I hosted a table both days and really enjoyed meeting new people. The topics were Leveraging Technology and Peer Groups - Are They Right For You? I met some great contractors who are eager to use these resources to improve their businesses.

  • Course Offerings - This year, there were 135 hours of training offered, targeting specific groups such as CEOs/Owners/Managers, Sales/Marketing/Account Managers and Crew Leaders/Technicians. There was definitely something for everyone!

  • Ideas - There were so many ideas I came back with - too many to implement, in fact. The key is to pick 3-5 to implement with your team.

  • Catching Up - I see a lot of people at this event that I don’t get to see at any other event. It’s always so nice to catch up with them.

  • LMN Conference - I had the pleasure of attending the LMN Conference that took place prior to the opening of GIE+Expo. I see great value in the LMN program and it’s helpful to be with other like-minded companies to see how they’re using this software to improve and enhance their businesses.

  • Time with the Team - There is something to be said about being away from the operation to reflect on how things are going. When I’m at GIE+Expo, I can reflect on the operation with my team and fellow business leaders.

  • Community - I’ve thought it myself and I’ve heard others say it, too: “I thought I was the only one who had this problem!” What I love most about this conference is the recognition that I am not alone. Others are dealing with, or have dealt with, the issues I’m facing and they’re always willing to share their experiences and tips for success.

  • The Great Crew Leader Workshop - On Wednesday, I had the privilege to sit in on The Great Crew Leader Workshop led by Phil Harwood. This interactive session was focused on the primary roles of a crew leader as Worker, Driver, Supervisor, Trainer and Leader. This is an essential course for all crew leaders!

If GIE+Expo (Landscapes) is not a conference you’ve attended in the past, let me encourage you to add it to your calendar for next year (October 16-18, 2019 in Louisville, KY). You won’t be disappointed. I’ll see you there!

P.S. - Each year, GrowTheBench gives away three full registrations to GIE+Expo and Landscapes (the NALP educational tracks). If you want to be considered for next year’s drawing, simply send Grant an email at Grant@GrowTheBench.com.

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