A Critical Message to Leaders...


By Neal Glatt

I recently was able to spend some time with a business owner who managed properties for high net worth individuals.  Think property manager for mansions. He was describing his job, the challenges, and the 24/7 demands that he faces. I couldn't help but think of the similarities that landscape and snow contractors face in their businesses.  Knowing these challenges personally, and the inability to respond and manage them without a team, I asked him about his team and those who help him. What he shared was incredible.

This particular owner was incredibly smart--top of his class from an ivy league school and carried an intellectual air that was obvious.  He shared that his approach was to issue every employee an IQ test before hiring them, only selecting the very best scores to work for him.  He was committed to finding the best possible candidate and believed this was the way to do so. I had never spoke with someone who ran this type of program so I asked how it was working for him.  He shocked me when he responded, "Terribly. I've been through 13 personal assistants in less than five years."

If you're following this blog, you know the high cost of turnover.  If you need to go back and read more, it should still be obvious that this is totally unsustainable.  One of my mentors once shared some wisdom with me that resonates in this situation: When Bob has a problem with everyone, Bob is usually the problem.

This owner was a terrible leader.  He asked, "Why should I show loyalty to my employees when they're just going to leave me?" He had created a self-fulfilling prophecy in which high turnover of the best employee candidates would stop company growth and continually frustrate him as a leader.

The lesson is clear.  Better employees aren't the solution, better leaders are.  By definition, half of your employees are above average. How will you inspire them to achieve their potential?  How will you create an environment that promotes personal growth? How will you lead a team that outperforms?

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