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The Great Crew Leader Lunch Challenge
I believe that most crew leaders would want to improve as a crew leader if they knew how to do so and were supported in doing so. The problem is that there hasn't been an easy way to identify or show a crew leader specifically what to improve on. That is where the Great Crew Leader Lunch Challenge fits in. It's a super simple way for a crew leader to recognize or admit that they have room to improve. Here's how it works...
Who's The MVP?
Every team needs an MVP (most valuable player) to help set the pace for production and encourage others to win. For landscaping businesses, there is one position that should always be the MVP and it definitely isn't in the office. Companies that are looking to their management team, salespeople, or office staff to be an all-star are missing a major opportunity to unlock higher profits and customer satisfaction. Here’s where that effort needs to be spent…
The Most Important Position
While every position in a company is important, there is one position that stands above the rest as being critical for success, especially today. In my opinion, the crew leader position is the most important position. Let me explain...